Mollys Life presents Jenny in video Flick chicks
Rating: 3.61
Sometimes I really cannot stand how bad the weather gets during hurricane season. This day was one of those times. I was hanging out with Lyndy and a girl I met a couple of weeks ago called Jenny. We had made such a huge effort to spend the day together after really hitting it off and just my luck...the day we decide to hang out is the day it rains cats and dogs. So we just went to see some crappy movie...Tropic Blunder or something like that. The movie was god awful and we got bored quick but once we got out of the theatre things really picked up at home. I got to lick on her perfectly round tits...all natural by the way. Her whole body was just fit and hard as a rock. Lyndy got pretty jealous I was gorgin myself on such a hot babe but hey....THIS IS MOLLYS LIFE...not lyndys. No hard feelings though. We all kept licking and sticking way after the camera was turned off.

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